Why Should I Avoid Talking to the Police Without a Texas Attorney?

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When you are questioned by the police in relation to criminal activity, you may think you have nothing to worry about. However, the police can use anything you say against you to manipulate your words into admitting wrongdoing. Before you know it, whether you’re guilty or not, you’re being charged with a crime! Luckily, a Kaufman County, Texas criminal defense attorney can help you navigate this situation. Keep reading to learn more about why you should wait until you have a lawyer present before talking to the police.

Why Is Talking to the Police So Bad?

When you speak with the police in reference to criminal activity, you may not understand why it’s such a bad idea to tell them what you know. However, they will often use the information you’ve provided against you.

For example, they’ll likely ask leading or purposely deceitful questions in an attempt to manipulate the answer you provide into admitting wrongdoing. They can lie to you and tell you they’ll make a deal with you if you confess, which is impossible. It’s vital to understand that the police cannot lessen your sentence or reduce your crimes in exchange for a confession. The only entity with this authority is the district attorney.

Similarly, in your desperation to prove your innocence, you may admit information that can incriminate yourself. For example, if you state something as a question, such as “I was speeding?” the police can use that information to say you admitted to speeding. Even though you framed it as a question, it can be twisted into a confession.

What Should I Do if the Police Want to Speak to Me?

If you are arrested, given a summons, or stopped on the street by the police, understanding what your rights are and how to navigate the situation is essential.

The most important thing to understand is that you have the right to remain silent when arrested or given a summons. You do not need to speak with the police or provide any information other than your name or a form of identification. The only thing you should say to the police is that you are invoking the right to remain silent and that you want a lawyer.

If stopped on the street without a formal arrest, you simply need to ask if you are under arrest or free to go. Do not become aggressive or angry with the police or try to leave unless the officer informs you you are free to go.

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