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So, you've been charged with DWI for the first time. It's fair to feel worried; this is an incredibly serious charge that can have a major impact on your life. However, it's important to remember that being charged with a DWI does not automatically mean you will be found guilty. That's why it's crucial to seek legal representation from a qualified attorney who can help defend your case and protect your rights. A skilled lawyer can evaluate all aspects of your arrest and work towards getting the charges reduced or dismissed altogether. 

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As your legal allies, we understand that navigating anything legal-related can be challenging, especially when it comes to first-time DWI cases. Understanding the potential consequences of a conviction is crucial in preparing for the legal journey ahead. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and learn how we can help.  

What Is Considered a DWI in Texas? 

In the state of Texas, a DWI (Driving While Intoxicated) conviction can occur when an individual operates a motor vehicle in a public place while intoxicated. There are two primary ways intoxication can be determined: 

Firstly, when a person lacks the normal use of mental or physical faculties due to the consumption of alcohol, drugs, or any other substance. Secondly, when a person's blood alcohol concentration (BAC) reaches 0.08% or more — this is often referred to as a "per se" DWI. It's vital to remember that a DWI conviction in Texas can have enduring consequences. Regardless of when it occurred, a conviction can remain on your record for an indefinite amount of time. 

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What to Do After Your First DWI 

For an offense to be considered a first DWI in Texas, there must be no prior DWI convictions on the individual's record. This means that even if a previous DWI conviction occurred many years ago, it still counts as a prior conviction and therefore, cannot be considered a first offense. Here at Harrell & Paulson, we believe in educating our clients about these specifics to ensure they fully comprehend the gravity of their situation. 

If you've been arrested for a first-time DWI in Texas, it's crucial to act swiftly to protect your rights and minimize potential consequences. The first step is to seek legal representation. At Harrell & Paulson, our experienced DWI attorneys can guide you through the legal process and develop the best defense strategy for your case. 

Understanding the administrative consequences is also essential. Even before a conviction, there might be administrative penalties like license suspension and fees. If your license gets suspended, remember that you have the right to request a hearing to contest the suspension within 15 days of your arrest. Our firm can help you navigate anything that comes your way.  

DWI Penalties for a First DWI Conviction 

In Texas, a first-time DWI can have serious penalties. As per the Texas Department of Transportation, penalties for a first-time DWI can include a fine of up to $2,000 and up to 180 days in jail upon conviction, with a mandatory three days. Additionally, you could lose your driver's license for up to a year and you may be required to have an Ignition Interlock device installed on your vehicle for a period ranging from 90 days to one year.  

If found driving with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .15 or higher, the DWI charge could be enhanced to a Class A misdemeanor. This could lead to a maximum fine of $6,000 and other more severe penalties, including:  

  • Up to one year in jail. 

  • A potential driver’s license suspension of up to two years. 

  • Mandatory attendance at an alcohol program for repeat offenders. 

It's also worth noting that if you're convicted for a Class A or Class B misdemeanor for a first-time DWI, you could have your driver's license suspended between 90 days and two years. 

How a DWI Attorney Can Help 

When facing a first-time DWI charge in Texas, it's crucial to seek the assistance of a knowledgeable DWI attorney. Here at Harrell & Paulson, our attorneys C.R. Harrell and David Paulson are ready to help. They bring a deep understanding of Texas DWI laws, providing experienced advice tailored to your specific case. 

Your attorney will analyze the evidence, identify any weaknesses in the prosecution's case, and work towards achieving the best possible outcome for you. If appropriate, your attorney can negotiate with the prosecution to potentially reduce charges or penalties through a plea bargain. Most importantly, your defense attorney is there to protect your rights throughout the legal process. 

First Time DWI Attorneys in Kaufman, Texas 

At Harrell & Paulson, we know that facing a first-time DWI charge can be overwhelming. That's why we're dedicated to providing comprehensive legal services and support to our clients in Kaufman, Texas, and surrounding areas. Our experienced attorneys will fight tirelessly to defend your case and protect your rights. Contact us today to start building your best defense. Your first meeting is free.