Understanding the Impacts: How a Criminal Record Can Affect Your Life in Texas

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Intentional or not, one action can flip your life upside down. When faced with criminal charges, your daily life will change dramatically. Whether you were wrongfully convicted or made a mistake, a criminal record can haunt you for the rest of your life. Ensuring that you have a competent Kaufman County, Texas criminal defense lawyer is essential to protecting yourself from hurting your case further.

Where Life Will Be Impacted the Most by a Criminal Record

While it may seem like jail time or a courtroom appearance is the only thing you can expect, you’d be surprised by the extent of damage a criminal record in Texas can cause.

If you have a criminal history, it’s not uncommon to be denied numerous opportunities. The most common denial you can expect to face is losing job opportunities, as many employers inquire about your record and will run a background check. Similarly, you may be denied housing, as landlords have the right to refuse those convicted of certain crimes, and lenders can deny loans based on a criminal record.

One of the overlooked aspects of committing a crime is the subsequent relationship strain you’ll experience. In many instances, you may lose friends and family as a result of your actions. Similarly, some criminal charges can cost you custody of your children. In Texas, a Class A or B crime involving family or sexual assault will warrant a judge to remove your children from your care.

Can Charges Be Expunged?

In certain circumstances, you can have your charges expunged from your record in Texas, which removes them from your file and destroys any records of your arrest.

However, there are some circumstances in which you will not be able to have your charges expunged. Generally, if you have been convicted of a crime, it means you are ineligible to have the charges removed from your record.

Similarly, you may find that certain crimes are not eligible to be removed from your record in Texas. In most cases, violent crimes such as murder, sexual assault, aggravated robbery, and crimes against children cannot be removed from your record.

You may be able to have charges expunged from your record if you were not convicted or the case was dismissed. In these instances of acquittal, you can petition the court to expunge the charges from your record, granting you the legal right to deny arrest on any form.

What Steps Should I Take if I’m Facing Charges?

If you’re facing criminal charges, how you respond can make or break your case. When placed under arrest, it’s your right to remain silent and to contact a lawyer. If you try to plead your innocence, you may end up saying something incriminating that can later be used against you.

Don’t let one criminal charge ruin your life. Contact our experienced legal team at Harrell & Paulson to fight for the best possible outcome for your case.