Will My DUI Case Go to Trial in Texas?

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If you’ve been charged with driving under the influence (DUI), you may feel overwhelmed and wondering whether your case may go to trial. Contact a Kaufman County, Texas DWI Lawyer who can walk you through your options and, from there, fight for the best outcome possible on your behalf. Read on to learn more about whether your DUI case may go to trial.

What Determines if My DUI Case Goes to Trial in Texas?

You are likely wondering what factors are going to influence whether your case goes to trial. The most significant factor is whether you plead guilty to the alleged charges. To accept the charges, you plead guilty. Then it is not necessary to proceed with a trial. If you plead not guilty, that is the same as claiming you are innocent. When you plead not guilty, you are entitled to a trial. Having an experienced defense lawyer proceed with you can provide you with guidance when you need it most. If you are charged with a DUI in Texas you could be facing fines and jail time along with other consequences.

If you go to trial, a jury will look at the evidence. Once examined, a decision of whether you committed the crime arises. The trial is the opportunity for both sides to argue the case. It is also your opportunity to refute the evidence, present evidence, and have your lawyer present your side.

What Are Valid DUI Defenses?

In your favor, the state of Texas does recognize a variety of possible defenses. If you have been charged with driving under the influence of alcohol you have the right to argue your innocence. Some but not all of the commonly heard defenses are as follows:

  • Improper conducting of the field sobriety test

  • Dysfunctional breathalyzer test

  • Improper conducting of the breathalyzer test

  • Unlawfully stopped

If you are about to embark on a criminal trial, you need to seek the guidance of an experienced Kaufman County lawyer. We can assist you in figuring out the best course of action. Before you plead guilty, you should have to chance to assess your case. You will want a knowledgeable professional to look closely at all facets and options available to you. Your attorney may be able to reduce charges or get you to receive a lesser sentence. For help with your DUI case, please contact one of our DUI attorneys.