What Charges Can I Face for Shoplifting in Texas?

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If you were accused of shoplifting in the state of Texas, you can face serious criminal charges. Follow along to see what is considered a shoplifting offense in Texas and how a skillful Kaufman County, Texas theft lawyer to help you fight the potential penalties you may face.

What Is Considered to Be Shoplifting in Texas?

The most common example of shoplifting is concealing stolen items in pockets, underneath clothes, or in a bag. However, there are other actions that are considered forms of shoplifting. For instance, using a self-checkout register and not scanning every item, or working with a cashier who agrees to under-ring items or “forgets” to scan items, are deemed as shoplifting. Other cases include: returning a stolen item for cash or store credit, changing barcodes or price tags on items, and manufacturing, distributing, or possessing devices that prevent anti-theft tools from functioning correctly, such as aluminum-lined bags.

What Are the Possible Criminal Penalties I Can Face for Shoplifting in Texas?

In the state of Texas, it is a criminal offense to shoplift. If caught, you may face fines and incarceration charges for theft. The extremity of these charges depends on the value of the stolen item or items, which read as follows:

  • Property valued at less than $100 is a Class C misdemeanor.

    • Fine of up to $500.

  • Property valued between $100 to $750 is a Class B misdemeanor.

    • Fine up to $2,000.

    • Up to 180 days in jail.

  • Property valued between $750 to $2,550 is a Class A misdemeanor.

    • Fines up to $4,000.

    • Up to 1 year in jail.

  • Property valued between $2,500 to $30,000 is a state jail felony.

    • Fines up to $10,000.

    • Between 180 days to 2 years in jail.

  • Property valued between $30,000 to $150,000 is a third-degree felony.

    • Fines up to $10,000.

    • Between 2 to 10 years in jail.

  • Property valued between $150,000 to $300,000 is a second-degree felony.

    • Fines up to $10,000.

    • Between 2 to 20 years in jail.

  • Property valued at more than $300,000 is a first-degree felony.

    • Fines up to $10,000.

    • Between 5 to 99 years in jail.

What Defenses Can I Take Against My Shoplifting Charge?

Depending on the circumstances of the shoplifting charge, you can take a defense that will lessen or dismiss the penalties you may face. A common defense is that of no criminal intent, which allows you to argue that you intended to pay for the item, didn’t realize that you were stealing the item, or thought you had implicit permission to take the item.

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