What Are the Common Causes of Supermarket Accidents?

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Slip and fall accidents can occur just about anywhere. They can even occur at a supermarket. And when these accidents do occur, they can leave behind an aftermath of serious injuries and damages. Follow along to find out the common causes of supermarket accidents and how a proficient Kaufman County, Texas slip & fall lawyer at Harrell & Paulson, LLP, can work on your behalf in filing a claim.

What Causes Supermarket Accidents to Occur in The State of Texas?

Supermarkets are seemingly safe environments. But when supermarket staff and management fail to clear the premises of potential safety hazards, an accident may result. That said, below is a list of how supermarket accidents are commonly caused in the state of Texas:

  • Supermarket staff and management fail to clean up spills in aisles or unattended restrooms.

  • Supermarket staff and management fail to place floor mats in the proper areas.

  • Supermarket staff and management fail to fix unstable product displays.

  • Supermarket staff and management fail to fix defective automatic entrance and exit doors.

  • Supermarket staff and management fail to move loose products that may fall off the shelves.

  • Supermarket staff and management fail to remove spoiled food from sales or from samples.

What Damages Do I Need to Recover After My Supermarket Accident?

After your supermarket accident, you may be suffering from serious injuries and damages that are creating physical, emotional, and financial distress. With this, you may require financial compensation to recover these economic and non-economic damages. Examples of such are as follows:

  • Economic damages:

    • Current and future medical bills.

      • Surgeries.

      • Hospital overnights.

      • Medication.

      • Rehabilitation.

    • Current and future lost wages.

  • Non-economic damages:

    • Pain and suffering.

    • Disfigurement.

    • Emotional distress.

    • Loss of independence.

    • Loss of enjoyment of life.

How Do I Recover Damages After My Supermarket Accident?

To recover damages after your supermarket accident, you must file a personal injury claim. And with your claim, you must have enough evidence that proves the following statements as true:

  1. The supermarket staff and management knew or should have reasonably known about the hazardous conditions on the supermarket’s premises.

  2. The supermarket staff and management failed to fix the hazardous conditions in a timely manner.

  3. You encountered the hazardous conditions and you sustained significant injuries and damages as a result.

What Is the Deadline for Filing a Supermarket Accident Claim?

Every state has its own deadline, otherwise known as a statute of limitations, for filing a slip and fall injury claim. Specifically for the state of Texas, this deadline is generally two years from the date of your accident. Failure to meet this deadline will result in a permanent ban from suing.

With that being said, you must not miss out on the opportunity to recover your damages. Contact a talented Kaufman, Texas personal injury attorney before it is too late.